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MY CHEEKS HURT!!! I hate wisdom teeth. I feel them moving and coming down…ahhhh so painful. I’m bored. Now you know you aint alone girl, im here to ride with you, never leave your side we gonna grind till the night through, and ahh time is running away. thats how we move through the avenue, ride like and animal. yea. I’m always the one to get hhhhit on. you could say my games a….ten, but you got me up on some chilish. my boys are outside waiting on meeee yea, we could do watever you bring the girls and i call the fellas get get straight to it, thats how we do it for real yea…..Aint no stressing noooOO its watever handle it..keep moving on the flooOOr do your thing and grind it.

Like my hot spit there? lol sorry had a moment im bored and i got a sick beat in my head…im getting down dancing it out yo….CANT TOUCH WHAT I BE PUTTING OUT!!!! TO HOT FOR YALL YA KNOW…AINT NO STRESSING ITS WATEVER HANDLE IT YOO OO…WE CAN BE ABOUT IT…THE FEELINGS RIGHT…UNWINED…DO IT…black tint no one knows where we come at…im gonna keep it moving for real. he hit the seen. yea yea…moving ooooo…run it run it…yea we like it like that. yea yea…

OOOKAY well im out KISS IT

love me you friendly neighborhood stranger danger



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OOO YEA!! It’s been a while since I’ve left a thingy here so I’m trying to come up with something now. Well at this very moment I am watching AMERICAN LOGGERS, and OBVIOUSLY doing thing, and FALLON a.k.a FALFER is across the room doing something on her laptop. Now she is proceeding to look at the videos on my phone. Yes falfer is strange, but people we shouldn’t hate her. Just because she might be a weirdo and a freak and makes tons of gay jokes (to really just cover up her gayness). She is a kind, loving person, nice, and funny some where inside her. Deep deep deep deep down somewhere inside there. ITS A PARTY IN THE USS. I know the lyric really ses its a party in the usa but it flows better saying uss. So THANK YOU very much! YEA YEA YEAAAA. SO I PUT MY HANDS UP. PLAYING MY SONG. BUTTERFLIES FLY AWAY. WOWOWOWOWOW WEEE SO LEAVE SOMTHING EVEN IF IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING I SAID. HI KRIS!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU M.B.B!!!! LOVE YOU!!

stranger danger OUT


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IM HOME ALONE WELL NOT ALONE BUT WITH OUT FRIENDS. Man im soooo bored. I can’t even be funny bcuz im soo bored. Friends are away, one vagolla came back, and another is about to leave. AND NO ONE WANTED TO GET TOGETHER YET. I want to go see G.I. joe…


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YES YES YES MY CHILD IM GOING TO SIX FLAGS!!!! I wont say when for all you other stranger dangers out there. That means you fallllllllll down on the ground and yell you cant get up. YEE HA! So anyway im gonna be hanging with the peep holes I call me friends. EVERYONE just wants a piece of me ALL the time. Im just that good. IM SOOOO EXCITED ABOUT GOING. AND THE PEOPLE THAT IM GOING WITH! IT’S GOING TO BE OFF THE CHIZZ-ANG. HERE I COME ROBIN!!! AND IM GONNA BE LOOKING FINE!!! HAHAHAaaaaa. For those of you who dont know what or who that was….THEN I GUESS YOU DONT NEED TO KNOW MMMMHMM. But its good very good heeheeheehee! Other than that, that’s all that I got for you today. mayb ill have some stranger danger skills for you later.

LOVE your friendly near by…like under your bed….stranger danger.


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So okay…i got to tell you. I got this friend Fallon BUELA last name ananimous…BUELA you’d think she was a PORKER with a name like that. ahhh sorry fal. Im kidding its not.